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1. Private Ownership, Independent Structure

Enriched Investing Incorporated ("Enriched Investing") is a privately owned corporation managed by its majority shareholders. Our business is founded on sound ethical principles and strict regulatory compliance and adopts a strategy for business success that is consistent with the prosperity and well-being of our clients. Our independent structure means we are free from investment banking relationships, outside shareholders and sales quotas.

2. Singular Focus on Investment Management

At Enriched Investing our daily activities converge on our core competency – conservatively managing assets for our clients. Investment management for institutional and private clients is our expertise, we are not connected to any investment banking or corporate finance business. Ancillary needs such as estate and financial planning are addressed by carefully selected professionals and routine tasks are outsourced to specialty firms so we can remain focused solely on helping our clients reach their financial goals.

3. Management’s Deep Experience

The combined professional experience of the managing shareholders of the firm spans more than forty years. Margaret Samuel, our Chief Investment Officer, has held senior positions in the investment industry since 1991. She has navigated several market cycles as portfolio manager, trader, equity analyst and chief compliance officer from positions in institutional settings including a major Ontario pension plan, a preeminent trust company and a Schedule One bank group.

After several years as a private investor, Darryl Cailes began his professional career at Merrill Lynch Canada in 1985 as an Investment Advisor and derivatives specialist. Subsequent responsibilities included business columnist for the Economist & Sun newspaper, National Sales Manager for a publically traded specialty real estate firm and Investment Advisor for RBC Dominion Securities.

4. Culture

At Enriched Investing we value clarity and integrity. Our unique performance is the product of the straight forward, plain, unvarnished way we conduct our business. Our third party custodial and administrative relationships are of the highest institutional quality for your benefit and ours. Our compensation is correctly aligned with the performance of your portfolio and you will always know exactly what you are paying us and how the fee is calculated. There are no hidden or deferred charges on the securities we select for you and your portfolio values are always verified by a third party – your custodian.