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What We Solve

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What We Solve

The Five Most Important Issues Facing Investors

1) Transparency

i.  Fees:
Unlike complex mutual fund fee structures, the management fee at Enriched Investing™ is clear, transparent and simple – based on the total value of the assets you have with us.  The fee starts at 1.5% for smaller account sizes and is reduced for larger accounts.  Our fee is traditionally tax deductible for non-registered assets.

ii. Know what you own – Access to your portfolio in real-time anytime:
Enriched Investing™ gives you internet access to your personalized account, up to date as of the previous day’s close.  Your diversification and asset allocation will be evident and easy to understand.  And you will see that your portfolio is managed according to your personalized Investment Policy Statement, a document that is constructed after detailed discussions with you, outlining return objectives, risk tolerance, capital and income requirements and tax considerations.

2) Trust

There are no conflicts of interest due to investment banking relationships or outside shareholders and no sales quotas at Enriched Investing™.  We act as a Fiduciary for you, the highest legal and ethical standard in our industry.

3) Seasoned Judgement

All of our staff members have long experience and superior training.  We have diverse backgrounds, we challenge each other for the best ideas and solutions, there is no “group think” here.

4) Skin in the Game

We own what you own, we eat our own cooking.

5) Investment Risk

There is more than one kind of risk to investors.  Volatility and loss of capital are the common risks that most investors recognize.  Our management style and conservative approach minimizes these dangers.  Other misunderstood and rarely talked about risks can ‘ruin your day’ . . . and your long term plans.

– Chasing performance or focusing only on performance.
– Not having a game plan
– Not understanding ‘process’.
– Lack of discipline
– Compressing time to ‘rush’ returns to make up for lost time.
– Self – Imposed Injury, self – sabotage
– Over confidence bias
– Allowing emotions to alter the perception of information
– Not fully knowing your advisor
– Not having your advisor’s compensation aligned with your performance.
– Not ensuring your statements are generated and sent directly to you by your custodian.
– Not knowing if your advisor has controls and compliance in place along with documented policies and procedures.
– Investing with a firm that has no business continuity plan in place in the event of disaster.

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