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Defining High Net Worth Investors

If you are a high-net-worth individual (HNWI), it’s important to work with financial experts with deep training and experience in portfolio management. You may have heard the term HNWI in passing but aren’t sure what it means. Is this a label given by the government? Is there an exact dollar amount you need to meet to qualify as an HNWI? This article will define high-net-worth investors and provide ... Read more

Defining High Net Worth Investors2021-12-23T20:35:15+00:00

What are the Activities Involved in Portfolio Management?

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort building up your portfolio. Now is the time to work with a professional discretionary portfolio management team. You don’t only want to protect your investment; you want it to meet your long-term financial objectives. But what does that mean to work with discretionary portfolio management services, and what’s involved in custom portfolio management? Here’s an answer for you. There are ... Read more

What are the Activities Involved in Portfolio Management?2021-12-20T20:17:05+00:00

Tips for Investing in Dividends Successfully

Investing in dividends can be a great way to grow your portfolio, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Dividends are the distribution of a company’s profits or other cashflow to its shareholders and are usually declared as cash per share. This is appropriate for investors who need income and would like more growth opportunities than they would have with bonds. That said, because dividend payment ... Read more

Tips for Investing in Dividends Successfully2021-12-17T20:31:14+00:00

What Makes Institutional Investors Unique?

Institutional investing is defined as investment by large organizations, such as corporations and governmental agencies. This type of investor typically retains institutional investment management companies and often chooses to purchase stocks and bonds. Institutional investors include pension funds, mutual funds, endowments, insurance companies, and charitable foundations. These institutions don’t have a deadline for when they have to cash in their investments – unlike some other investors who might ... Read more

What Makes Institutional Investors Unique?2021-12-08T17:51:33+00:00

The Benefits of Low-Volatility Equities in Diversified Portfolios

Volatility in the stock market is totally unavoidable, and this fact puts many people off of investing at all. Luckily, there are low volatility equities, and your portfolio should include some of them. Depending on your temperament, you may be ok with more volatility than someone else may be. It’s a risk vs. reward kind of thing, and only you can decide what’s right for you. If you’re ... Read more

The Benefits of Low-Volatility Equities in Diversified Portfolios2021-10-25T19:43:52+00:00

An Overview of Quantitative Investing

If you’re looking for an investment counsel firm in Ontario, you need to know quantitative investing. Quantitative investing involves quantification of a number of variables and issues including qualitative criteria that take a holistic approach involving interviews and getting to know the human element of the picture. Quantitative investing allows analysts to present many kinds of data in a quantitative format that can be analyzed in a numerical ... Read more

An Overview of Quantitative Investing2021-10-20T18:34:04+00:00

Preparing for Marketplace Volatility

Investing can be a stressful experience for even the most seasoned investor, and it’s much tougher for those of us who are new to the industry. If you’re new to investing or have just been experiencing some volatility lately, you may feel unsettled and tempted to sell your stocks simply because the stress feels overwhelming. There are a few tips for managing your anxiety while investing that will ... Read more

Preparing for Marketplace Volatility2021-10-04T19:19:50+00:00

Getting the Most Out of Your Portfolio with Rebalancing

A lot goes into managing your investment portfolio. The initial investments, repeated discussions with your firm, and many other steps. One thing that can be easily overlooked is proper rebalancing of your portfolio. The act of portfolio rebalancing can seem somewhat counterintuitive at times, as it can seem to involve selling an asset that is performing well to buy one that is not. But the asset being bought ... Read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Portfolio with Rebalancing2021-08-17T13:28:45+00:00

Is there a Difference Among Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors and Financial Advisors?

On the surface, a portfolio manager, an investment advisor and a financial advisor are difficult to tell apart. Once you dig a little deeper, the difference becomes more apparent. Knowing the difference between these three types of advisors can make a huge difference for your investment needs and it’s important to take some time to learn. As an investor, you know how important it is to remain educated ... Read more

Is there a Difference Among Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors and Financial Advisors?2021-08-03T12:46:43+00:00
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