Enriched Investing Incorporated

We are a specialty Investment Management Firm. We build and manage conservative growth and income portfolios for institutional and private client investors.

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First we listen. To you.

We understand your time is valuable so we work with you to eliminate the superfluous and focus on the meaningful.

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Think permanent loss of capital is your only risk?

Learn about the rarely mentioned additional investment risks that can severely impair your financial health.

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Got a question?

You ask. We answer.

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Interested in what moves capital markets?

Get a lift in your portfolio, see our global
market analysis, "The Technical Scoop" by
David Chapman.

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Seeking Outsized Returns?

Let's not mince words. No fortune tellers here. Rewards come from a structured, focused, disciplined strategy.

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Keep the wind at your back.

Learn about our "Canadian Conservative Growth Strategy" by Bob McWhirter.

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 With clarity and meaningful dialogue we inspire our clients to adopt a new way of thinking about financial success.

Clarity    Understanding    Structure    Freedom

At Enriched Investing Incorporated we focus on sophisticated, tailored investment strategies for institutional investors and private clients.

Our team of researchers, strategists, technicians and divergent thinkers brings together extensive training, long experience, battle tested judgement and fiduciary responsibilities to change the definition of success for investors.

More than skilled and respected investment managers, we practise the “language of listening” to make smarter choices for our clients.

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We pierce the veil of hidden fees and enhance the value of clarity.

Studies show that there is only about one chance in four that investors fully understand the fees that are paid to their financial advisors.  At Enriched Investing  we fully disclose and define our fees and we align our interests with yours.

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Our Four Pillars

Private Ownership, Independent Structure
Singular Focus on Investment Management
Management’s Deep Experience

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