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Private and Institutional Investment Management

Investment Process

We work with investors whose investment philosophy and idiosyncratic view of the world is aligned with ours and includes addressing risk first.

To begin, we have a chat – about you and what’s important to you and how you got to where you are today. Then we talk about where it is you’d like to go. As one of the top investment management firms in Toronto we customize our institutional and portfolio management services for each client. As we gain an understanding of the type of retirement lifestyle you want for instance, we will identify any challenges or problems that need to be addressed so we are free, as your choice of investment management companies, to focus on the performance of your portfolio. All prospective clients are introduced to our practice as we review the core components of your financial picture including investments, cash flow management, tax management, insurance needs and estate planning. Priorities are established and an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is created. This mutually created document will clarify for us investment goals and restrictions, volatility and risk tolerance, asset allocation, income or liquidity needs, etc. , . It is signed by you and your portfolio manager but it is a flexible guide and may be altered as your circumstances change.

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