An Overview of Quantitative Investing

If you’re looking for an investment counsel firm in Ontario, you need to know quantitative investing. Quantitative investing involves quantification of a number of variables and issues including qualitative criteria that take a holistic approach involving interviews and getting to know the human element of the picture. Quantitative investing allows analysts to present many kinds of data in a quantitative format that can be analyzed in a numerical manner. In terms of investing, quantitative investing will mean focusing on the numerical presentation of information with your investment counsel firm in Ontario.

This type of analysis rose with the age of the computer, as it became easier to analyze vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Quantitative analysts, or “Quants”, analyze research data to build models that present the strengths and weaknesses of stocks to help predict those that may increase the most in price in the future. Once the models are built and tweaked, they can use these models to suggest what securities to buy or sell or to help portfolio managers decide which securities to buy or sell.

Alternatively, portfolio managers may review quantitative analysis or may develop their own quantitative strategies to manage clients’ portfolios. While qualitative analysis focuses on the target team’s makeup, how the business is run, and other similar factors that are hard to put in terms of hard data, technology today permits quantitative analysis to present more and more of these qualitative issues as measureable, quantitative factors.

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Analysis

Quants, contrary to traditional qualitative investment analysts, do not visit firms, interact with managers, or research the products that companies sell in order to gain a competitive advantage. However, quants can record this type of data collected and reported by qualitative analysts and then present it in a quantitative format that can be easily analyzed and assessed. Contrary to common misunderstanding, quants are frequently aware of and concerned with the qualitative components of the businesses they invest in and the products or services these businesses supply. Indeed, quants can quantify these factors while making investment decisions solely based on math. Quants, who typically have a scientific background and a degree in statistics or math, can use their computer and programming language skills to create unique disciplined programs that automate the analytical process. In addition to quantified qualitative issues, numerical factors ranging from key financial ratios (such as the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio) to more complicated calculations such as discounted cash flow (DCF)) may be used as inputs to quants’ programmes.

What Helped Quants Take Off?

Quants really took off as computers grew in power and data availability grew as well; it helped the investment advisor in Ontario. It enabled much more accurate models to be made that let the quants analyze securities on a greater scale, thereby providing increased value to clients and portfolio managers to whom the quants provide analytical services. The better these models get, the more accurately they can assess the strength and financial viability of individual securities, sectors, or markets, more effectively enabling clients and portfolio managers to seize on every opportunity as it presents itself. As computers continue to grow in power and programmers work tirelessly to improve these models, quants have grown more and more capable of providing high level analytical information instantaneously to enhance the trading decisions made by your financial advisor in Ontario.

Any Other Benefits?

These models can be used to assess the risk of any investments made or considered by your investment advisor in Ontario. They’re a great way to make sure that your investments are being taken care of in a low-risk environment by a model that presents what’s going on with the securities in your portfolio. You won’t have to worry about your investments nearly as much with a high-quality model used by your financial advisor in Ontario.

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