What are the Current Trends of Impact Investing?

Now, more than ever, people are being socially conscious about where their investment money goes. Social consciousness is at an all-time high, and many people are as concerned about their ability to drive social change as they are about their ability to amass wealth.

A lot of people these days see wealth as a means for positive social change, more than anything else. Of course, this means it’s important to consider how this trend will impact the landscape of investing as a whole and how private wealth management services can work for you.

What is ESG Investing?

You may have heard this term before. ESG investing stands for environmental, social, and governance, and these are the three areas it attempts to take into account with any investments. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail so you can decide what private wealth management in Toronto works for you:


This makes sure to prioritize the environment with any investment opportunities. This may mean investing in green solutions over solutions that would harm the environment. It may even mean taking the lower payout if it means doing the right thing for the Earth.


This is investing that takes into account the social impact of any investment. They will attempt to invest in companies that give back and make the community a better place, and may avoid investing in companies they feel are making the communities worse.


This one can be a little more complicated than the other two but basically boils down to supporting policies that the investor agrees with and trying to avoid supporting policies that go against their beliefs.

Current Trends:

One of the most important current trends is the fight against climate change. Many investments are being driven by either supporting green action, or opposing action that is detrimental to the environment. These trends can shape the investment landscape, even if you are not motivated by ESG investing yourself. It’s absolutely essential that whatever private wealth management services you entrust your money to, they understand the importance of ESG investing trends. It’s also important that your asset management firms in Toronto support your goals with your money.

What Should I Do?

You have to make sure that whatever private wealth management services you choose you to use, that they serve your needs first. You need private wealth management in Toronto that supports your goals. If you care about environmental investing then your asset management firms in Toronto have to do so as well. Make sure they put you first and invest your money according to your wishes.

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