Institutional Investors and the Cryptocurrency Market

Institutional investment services have been putting an effort to establish their services through diverse resources within the market. This also includes cryptocurrency, which has been gaining demand since 2008. However, not many know about the true capacity and potential of cryptocurrencies. Most of the material that is accessible does not offer the knowledge demanded for someone to invest in the cryptocurrency market. In this blog, we have collected ... Read more

What are the Effects of Risk Sharing on the ‘Real Economy’?

Investment management companies are constantly working to provide the best solutions to their clients by researching the dynamics of the economy and how certain variables play a vital role in maintaining or disrupting the balance of the economy. One of these variables is risk-sharing. Investment management companies understand that in market imperfections, risk-sharing becomes costly. Therefore, in the blog, we have gathered all the information one needs to ... Read more

Active Fund Management and Preferences

Even though historically actively managed funds do not outperform passive funds, investors show preference for actively managed funds. In particular, it appears that investors who choose actively managed growth funds can expect portfolio outperformance on the upside. In contrast, investors who choose actively managed value funds are likely to experience account outperformance when markets decline. Therefore, in selecting investments appropriate for particular clients, firms that offer private wealth ... Read more

The Nature of Risk

Back in the late 1800’s large risk averse investors held a major portion of their wealth in railroad bonds. This was before sophisticated institutional investment management services were available. Everyone agreed: that was the safest place to keep your money to earn a modest but dependable return. Unforeseen was the emerging importance of the automobile and the resulting bankruptcy of so many railroads. Overdependence on conventional wisdom and ... Read more

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